Niigata Earthquake

July 16th, 2007 by Chris

Niigata was hit by a big earthquake a couple hours ago.  I felt it sitting here at the computer, a slow swaying motion that went on for quite awhile and reminded me of being on a boat.  I just wanted to write this quick post to say everything’s all right up here.

Earthquake 2007-07-16

6 Responses to “Niigata Earthquake”

  1. Shira Says:

    Man that’s crazy! I just read about it on and was wondering about you guys, glad you posted something :)

  2. Nik Says:

    Ditto. When I read “earthquake in ‘north-west’ Japan” I was worried… But then I Google-mapped it, and it looked pretty far away.

    Still… Has Nosiro been subject to anything like this?


  3. Peggy Hoffman Says:

    Thanks for the post. I just heard about the earthquake on the radio and went running to our atlas to find Kashiwazaki. It’s a long way from where you live, but it’s still a very big earthquake. Glad to hear everything’s okay.


  4. Susan Says:

    Was going to email Chris today to make sure you guys were safe. Thanks for the post!!!!!!!!!

  5. Mitsuye Says:


    I’m so glad to know you are okay. I just heard about the earthquake and wondered if you were anywhere near it!.

  6. Jane Says:

    Thanks for letting us know. As soon as I heard about it, I wondered about you and Chris.

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