Wreck Removal

October 9th, 2007 by Chris

When we moved to Noshiro, we were “thrilled” to find that our otherwise wonderful house included two ancient rusty car hulks in the front yard. You may remember them from such photographs as “Our House”:

Our House

According to Nate, Steph’s predecessor, they had been there when he’d moved in three years before.

Well, last week, a couple guys showed up at our front door and asked me if those cars were mine. “Heck no,” I said in my best Japanese, “but I can take you to the person who knows.” I showed them to our landlord who lives in one of the blue shacks next door. I left them to it and surreptitiously watched out a window as they gestured and yakked around the cars. The guys got in their souped-up spoilered window-tinted pimpmobile and went on their way.

I didn’t really expect that they would actually return for the hulks. But my lack of faith, disturbing or otherwise, was rewarded today when a crane truck backed into the driveway right up next to the cars. Open the gates, Peter, they’re a-comin’ home!

Insert Car A into Slot B

Now they are gone and a whole new world of landscaping opportunities (and parking places!) has opened before us. We might need to have a bring-your-own-car party just to see how many we can fit out there. It’s still not Andy’s driveway, but we’re catching up!


P.S. I was amused to note that a pine sapling about two feet high had grown between the cars.

3 Responses to “Wreck Removal”

  1. *buritto* Says:

    why does your landlord live in a lean-to?

  2. Chris Says:

    I don’t know. I guess she’s just very traditional. She’s also missing several teeth and has a few cats that all seem to have medical conditions.

  3. Nik Says:

    To get rid of cars in LA we would just leave the windows down…


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