A Catalog of Courtesy

February 12th, 2008 by Steph

I thought that I would, as an exercise in introspection, take note of all the times I bow when interacting with others in the course of a normal day. Here’s today’s tally:

In the car: 6
These involve a quick bob of the head for safety driving
(1) passing old lady shoveling snow on my way to work
(1) acknowledging hard work and gratitude for flag man guiding me through hazardous construction zone
(1) acknowledging tireless efforts of staff member directing traffic at mouth of school parking lot
(3) passing through the construction zone once again on the way home, this time a quick bow for each worker passed.

At school: 18
(7) subtle we’re-passing-each-other-in-the-hallway nod of camaraderie to fellow teachers
(1) Daily bow of respect toward principal to kick off the morning meeting
(1) Slightly deeper heartfelt apologetic bow to fellow English teacher for a late notice request for a change in schedule.
(5) Nod of appreciation to lunch ladies going to and fro about their business
(1) Slightly deeper bow for stranger in hallway (hey, he could have been important)
(3) Goodbye nod to students on the way out the door

Evening out: 4
All in appreciation for good food cooked and delivered, as well as a bow of thanks for a reservation at a favorite restaurant for Valentine’s Day.

Today’s Grand Total: 26

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