There’s Something in the Air

March 12th, 2008 by Steph

Some of us here in Akita have been quite startled over the past few days.  Looking up, there’s blue, and looking down, no white.  Scarves are no longer a do-or-die necessity.  I’ve traded in my white polar bear jacket for something a little lighter.  We’re definitely past the depth of winter, and I’m a little sad about it.

How did this happen?  As a California girl born and bred, I’m supposed to be surfing to work, not skiing.  Last year, I dreaded the coming of winter, as everyone assured me it would be like the coming of an icy apocalypse.  Even though last year was freakishly mild, it was still unpleasant.

I grumpily braced myself and buckled down for an even harsher winter this year, which we faithfully received.  And to my surprise, I kind of liked it. What’s to like, you ask, with the snowstorms and grey weather and the freezing of pipes?  I assure you, it has nothing to do with winter festival season, or nabe, or the fact that I’ve started snowboarding (it’s true;  I’m horrible).  It’s something more intangible than that.  Something about the industry of digging the car out before work.  Something about the Spartan nature of shivering from room to room in the morning before I turn on the kerosene heater in my non-centrally heated house.  Maybe it’s the icicles, or eating snow or the simple joy of huddling for warmth.  Whatever that mystery element is, apparently I am in love.  Because to my chagrin, as I look up this morning at the beautiful blue sky with the sun streaming over the mountains, I must admit I’m little miffed to see spring approaching.

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  1. shira Says:

    come to Argentina! we’re on our way to winter now! :)

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