Media Madness

Monday, March 31st, 2008 by Steph

A few months ago, Chris and I were contacted out of the blue by an editor at CityWeekend, an expat newspaper in China. He found our photos on flickr, and asked if either of us would be interested in doing some travel writing. As improbable as this solicitation sounded, the inquiry was legit, and I now have a published article to show for it. It’s so beautiful how Flickr brings people together. You can read the article on cherry blossoms in Japan here:

Also, the next podcast with PodAsia is up. This episode is about sacred Mount Koya in Wakayama prefecture. The podcast includes an interview with a monk as well as Buddhist chanting and shamisen music. Check it out, episode 93:

Her name in lichts

Wednesday, February 6th, 2008 by Chris

Last spring, we travelled to the nearest Big City, Sendai, for a Beck concert. During that trip we skipped over to the famous sightseeing destination Matsushima. While there, Steph snapped this moving shot of a Shinto procession carrying a shrine down the street:

Heavy Shrine

Imagine our surprise when a few weeks ago, out of the blue, a gentleman named Maarten Reith from the Netherlands contacted us through our Flickr account. The Dutch city of Arnhem is playing host to an international sculpture exhibition called Sonsbeek 2008 in June, and the opening ceremonies for this exhibition will involve the sculptures being hand-carried throughout the city to their final destination in a public park. Sonsbeek’s procession was inspired by religious ceremonies such as this Shinto custom, and Mr. Reith was writing a newspaper article about the exhibition.

Now, not two weeks later, the article is published and Steph is famous! The photo is almost a full page and spans the center spread of De Gelderlander newspaper of January 24, 2008. Contratulations to Stephanie!

Netherlands Newspaper Article thumbnail